Child Welfare & Adoption Society

Child Welfare and Adoption Society(CWAS), which looks after the vulnerable children, is a registered charitable non-government organisation (NGO No.S.5914/504) and has its headquarters at Nsambya Babies Home in one of the suburbs of Kampala. It was established in 1958 by a Missionary Priest to coordinate the social works activities in Catholic child care institutions in different areas in Uganda. He started collecting abandoned children in the hospitals and on the streets .The collected child would be given to a willing elderly mother who would feed him/her and the Mill Hill Missionary pays her for the running cost. These running costs would be facilitated by money collected from various local and international sponsors. Since these children were from different backgrounds: cultures,tribes and religious denominations, the name changed from Catholic Child Welfare and Adoption Society to Child Welfare and Adoption Society in 1964. As the Society had similar homes in other parts of Uganda, the Bishops in 1966 decided that each Diocese should look after the affairs of its local children and so, CWAS remained under Kampala Archdiocese and its administration was entrusted to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya, locally known as Ggogonya Sisters.

Objectives of CWAS:

Our Mission

To save, care, groom vulnerable children into responsible Adults and sensitise the public about dangers of child neglect/abandonment.

Our Vision

To become an outstanding, Competent, Innovative and self-sustaining organisation, with motivated stuff that groom vulnerable children into Responsible Adults.

Ways of Supporting CWAS

Advertisements of Children

What is involved:- Taking children's pictures, Placing a child's picture in papers at a cost between 150,000 - 180,000 Uganda shillings

Tracing of Relatives

What is involved:- Airtime, Transport/Fuel


What is involved:- Resettlement package for example Mattresses, clothing, food stuffs, scholastic materials, fuel/transport costs

Follow up on resettled and fostered children

What is involved:- Transport costs, Airtime, Package e.g food stuffs, clothing etc